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1732 Meats is a family run small craft producer of charcuterie products available locally to home consumers and Chefs. Our mission is to create products that excite the taste buds. Everything is hand made from top quality meats and ingredients.

products that excite the

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Ari Miller on Executive Leaders Radio

Recorded at WHYY Studios, September 11, 2015


Spawn #1 Interviews Spawn #2

Spawn #1: Hi, sis.

Spawn #2: HI!

S#1: I’m going to ask you some questions. That good?

S#2: Okay!

S#1: All right, first one. Which is your favorite bacon?

S#2: Smoked paprika.

S#1: Cool. Which is your favorite charcuterie?

S#2: I think that would be… two-month pancetta!


1732 Meats According to Spawn #1

Making bacon and charcuterie deliveries around Philly with my dad is super fun. I get to meet a lot of awesome food people, eat a lot of great food, and I didn’t even know how huge Northeast Philadelphia was until we went to Blue Duck Sandwich Company for the first time.


Kudos for 1732 Meats Lonza!

Our lonza recently received compliments in Trey Popp’s Foobooz review of the new East Passyunk forneria Brigantessa. They are doing great stuff there, and we are proud to have three of our products featured on their menu: lonza, guanciale, and special 2-month pancetta.



It’s that time of year again. Everywhere you go, there’s a pumpkin-spice-something filling the air with the smells of autumn, prompting normal people to pull their sweaters out of storage and start thinking about Halloween costumes and turkeys. BUT NOT I! Nay, I refuse to accept that summer is coming to an end. I will not be caught up in pumpkin spice madness until at least October 1st!