Garlic Bacon Grease
Bacon meats!

Bacon Grease


One and a half pounds of flavor-filled bacon grease in a quart size container. So many ways to use it, just take a look at this google search! Use in everything from pasta sauces to baked goods.

  • Try Spanish Paprika Bacon Grease on potatoes or for greasing a cornbread pan.

  • Heat up some Insanity Garlic Bacon Grease with cream cheese for a yummy pasta sauce.

  • Black Peppercorn Bacon Grease is killer as a hot bacon dressing for a green or potato salad!

  • Get that sweet and salty combo everyone loves by substituting up to half of the butter or oil in a cookie or brownie recipe with bacon grease. 

We’d love to know your favorite way to use it!

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